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To Fool an Assassin
Publication Serpentine
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To Fool an Assassin

Publication Serpentine

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She swore to atone for her sins... but will this handsome devil be her way out
of Purgatory?

Gabrielle is at the end of her rope... but when her boss asks her for one last
assignment, this sexy and sinful assassin soon learns that nobody can be
trusted and that death is the least of her worries.
Her task is simple: rescue a captured Navy SEAL. But she soon finds herself
tangled up with a crazy and madly infuriating warrior who stirs her deepest
fantasies and sets her heart on fire. Locked in a deadly struggle against
powerful enemies – and her own burning desires – Gabrielle will have to go
through Hell and high water to get them both out of this mess alive.
Gabrielle is determined to atone for her sins. But can she ignore the handsome
devil who threatens to steal her heart? And is there any hope of a happily-
ever-after between a troubled woman and the sexy-as-hell SEAL who drives her
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