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To Blind a Sniper
Publication Serpentine
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To Blind a Sniper

Publication Serpentine

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She’s a talented sniper, he’s a broken SEAL drowning his sorrows in the dark.
Can they bring down a monster together?
Mac never misses a shot... until one fateful mission when her life changed in
the blink of an eye. Caught in the crosshairs of a bloodthirsty killer and
forced to go into hiding, she quickly finds herself with a target painted on
her back.
But the BDSM club beneath her safehouse is no place to hide – especially not
with the sexy hunk of a Navy SEAL lurking in the shadows. Mac is drawn to
Wesley’s broken soul... but once she charms the wounded warrior back into the
light, it will be impossible for her to push him away.
And after the most dangerous man in the world tracks her down, Mac and Wes
must drop their masks and learn to trust again to survive. Mac was determined
not to drag Wes into her dark and dangerous life – but now she has no choice.
Can these unlikely kindred spirits team up to defeat a monster? And will they
find a way to heal their wounded hearts along the way?
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