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Lady Susan & The Watsons
Date de publication

Lady Susan & The Watsons



  • AideEAN13 : 9789895621705
    • Fichier EPUB, libre d'utilisation
Lady Susan has just arrived uninvited at the country home of her brother-in-
law, Charles, and his unwelcoming wife, Catherine. Susan’s reputation as an
accomplished coquette precedes her, and Catherine will not allow her own
brother, Reginald, to fall prey to Susan’s amorous games. Despite warnings,
the besotted young man finds himself falling—all to the conniving lady’s
delight. But it’s the arrival of Susan’s rebellious sixteen-year-old daughter
that sets this romantic roundelay spinning. Told through an exchange of
letters, Jane Austen’s Lady Susan is a delicious epistolary novel of love lost
and of love found. It shamelessly subverts all expectations of polite romance.
And in Austen’s unfinished work, The Watsons, a family reunion sparks the
passionate pursuits of four sisters. Where it all leads is a literary guessing
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